ConleyMax® provides efficient flameless heat to our customers in the most cost effective way while maintaing the highest level of safety and service.

ConleyMax® was founded in 2011 by Kevin Baker, an oilpatch entrepreneur, and Patrick Bell, an engineer with considerable exploration and production experience. Their diverse experience drove them to develop innovative new technology to satisfy industrial heating needs, without the drawbacks associated with traditional heating options.

In Gaelic, the traditional language of Ireland, Conley means "purified fire". In North America, ConleyMax® Inc. means patented flameless heating systems capable of heating liquids, air, structures, lines and equipment.

Today, ConleyMax operates nearly 200 heaters across two divisions and provides solutions to construction, mining, municipal, and agricultural challenges in addition to widespread applications in the oilpatch.

ConleyMax's patented heaters, easily recognizable due to their brilliant emerald isle green colour, are gaining in popularity as their reputation for safety, efficiency, reliability, and adaptability grows among industry leaders seeking quick, effective strategies to get the job done.

Our heaters, which are more than 90% efficient, have a number of built-in safety features, such as positive air shutoffs, secondary fluid containment and brushless alternators. In addition, they are powered by Tier 3 John Deere diesel engines and are easily towed behind a standard pickup truck, making them portable enough to be placed directly where heat is needed.

One of our biggest competitive advantages is that we have fluid heaters with the ability to assign a "suite" of units to a project. The number of units working on a heating job can be easily adjusted to suit onsite conditions, such as changing weather or other issues that may cause project delays. In constant communication with the customer, we have the ability to bring on line or remove fluid heating units to adapt our services to the changing requirements of a job, ensuring that projects run smoothly.