Air Heaters:

The ConleyMax® line of air heaters provides a flameless heat that blows fresh, dry, breathable air. Our 350,000, 700,000 and 1.4 MM BTU units safely provide heat to any environment without added fumes, moisture or exhaust in the air stream. Eliminating the risks associated with an open flame allows for ConleyMax® air heaters to be safely used in any number of practical applications in any cold temperature environment. The rate and temperature of the air supplied by our units reduce the drying times for many applications (paint, curing cement, drying out equipment or heating personnel, etc). Our air units are designed to be reliable, extremely efficient and run virtually maintenance free (standard service @ 3000 hrs).

Applications include:
  • BOP Thawing/Heat
  • Derrick Heat
  • Equipment Start Up
  • Maintenance Shack Heat
  • Preheating Machinery
  • Substructure Heat
  • Gas Project Heat
  • Permanent Facility Heat
  • Temporary Facility Heat
  • Field Heat Source
  • Building heat for new construction
  • Heating for emergency services
  • Agricultural applications for grain drying, cranberries, and vineyards
  • Heat for disaster recovery or floods
  • Elimination of pest infestations, including bed bugs
  • Heating for airline, rail, shipping, and related industries