Glycol Heaters:

The most versatile units in the ConleyMax® fleet are part of our glycol line of flameless air & environmentally friendly glycol heaters. A revolutionary design allows our units to heat using the air output and glycol line simultaneously. These units can be adapted to meet specific needs: providing all air heat, all glycol heat, or any combination of the two. A retractable spool with a minimum of 400' of 1 1/4" glycol hose can be quickly connected to various exchangers to provide heat to tanks, lines, equipment, etc. while moving a minimum of 5000 CFM.

Applications include:
  • Air and Glycol Loop Heat
    • BOP and Rig Tank Heat
    • Simultaneous Operation
    • Control Valve
  • 400 BBL (4" valve) Tank Insert
    • Tank Farm Heat
      • 1 Unit / multiple tanks
  • Pipeline Heating
  • Heat Exchanger
    • Flow-back Tank Heat
    • Rig Tank Heat
    • Pond Heat
    • BOP Heat
    • Substructure Heat
  • Ground Thawing
    • Thaw frozen ground for excavation
    • Concrete curing
    • Mining and construction projects