Water Heaters:

ConleyMax® holds a fleet advantage for our fluid heating work with our patented MW-5000 series units. We incorporate our customers' heating variables (start/end temperatures, volume of fluid, containers, etc.) into our heat/time matrix to create customized solutions. Utilizing our flameless heat advantages we can continue to safely provide heat while other operations occur. We can make on the fly adjustments in response to changing conditions, such as poor weather or project delays.

Applications include:
  • Frac Water Heating
    • Multi-Unit Adaptability
      • Bring on/off-line extra units if needed
      • Maintain temperature with fewer units
    • C-rings / 400 bbl
    • 400 bbl tank + 10 °C / hour
    • Ponds
  • Flameless Technology permits heat while:
    • Pumping
    • Filling
    • Frac’ing
  • Direct Product Heating
    • Gain ~7°C / Pass
  • Tank Farm Heating
  • In-Line Heating
    • Water Transfer
  • Pipeline Heating