Grain Drying

  • Safe - Our equipment has several safety features including positive air shut off, brushless alternator, secondary liquid containment and emergency stop button to make sure your grain and facilities are not at risk.
  • Automated - our drying units are designed for turnkey operation, so you can "set it and forget it". Our drying units allow you to get on with other jobs while ConleyMax® dries your grain.
  • Rentals - Weekly, monthly and seasonal rates available to fit your operations.
  • Location - Our equipment is portable - we dry your crop in your bins. This will save you manpower, equipment wear and tear, travel, handling costs and most important, your time.
  • Delivery - available
  • Multiple Bins - dry multiple bins at the same time
    • Lentils, Canola, Wheat, Barley, Peas, Grains - ConleyMax® dries them all!
      • Organic Crops - no problem - no exhaust fumes in the air stream.

Increase your revenue

  • Lentils: Don't wait to combine! Avoid possible downgrade of your crop!
    • Don't crack or chip your lentils with a mechanical dryer! You will lose even more money.
      The ConleyMax® Drying System will not chip or crack your grain.
  • Barley:
    • Barley is sensitive to heat. It is an issue to control barley's moisture content. Our automated drying system limits the maximum drying temperature reducing the risk of downgrading your barley from malt to feed grade. A downgrade could cost up to half of your crop revenue.
  • Grains: the cost advantage of using the ConleyMax® Drying System:
    • ConleyMax® Dryer System could save you $850 to $1,000 per 5,000/bu bin over other methods of grain drying.