Ground Thawing

Our multi-purpose, environmentally friendly, glycol heaters for ground thawing are safe; and economical. The risk of fire is virtually eliminated because there is no open flame and the units are self-contained. Our ground thawing units are portable, simple to set up, and concentrate the heat where you want it, leaving adjacent ground frozen. The ground thawing glycol heaters can be used for a variety of applications including ground thawing for residential foundations, ground thawing subgrades for concrete, thawing ground for excavation, interior heating, mining and construction projects, and concrete curing.

No Open Flame

  • Fire risk virtually eliminated
  • Environmentally friendly glycol system

Better Quality Control

  • Adjacent ground stays frozen
  • Self-contained, portable units concentrate heat where you need it
  • Less manpower/less time/ less fuel= less cost to thaw
  • No expensive enclosures to build


  • Residential foundations
  • Interior heating
  • Thaw subgrades for concrete
  • Thaw frozen ground for excavation
  • Concrete Curing