Oilfield Site Heat

Our self-contained, flameless heaters are a cost effective heating solution for any oilfield site project. The heaters are simple to install and do not require an operator which reduces mobilization costs.

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Frac Tank Heat

Our heaters are extremely effective for frac tank heating. We offer custom packages to suit the needs of the project from start to finish. Our heaters provide consistent heat through out the frac tank and are very fuel efficient.

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Water Transfer Heat

Because our heaters have a compact design and can fit in limited access areas, they are perfect for water transfer heating. ConleyMax®’s heaters can be started or shut down at any time, which saves on fuel costs and they can heat efficiently even when the flow rate is low making them a very economical option for water transfer heat.

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Compact, portable equipment allows for use in confined spaces – specifically production and process facilities

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Construction Sites

Our heaters are the multi purpose heating solution for construction sites. Because our equipment produces no emissions, the air that comes out is clean and breathable making the heaters perfect for concrete curing, maintenance shack and office heat, stucco/ siding heat, welding (pre heat/ post treatment), paint drying between applications as well as preheating machinery and ground thawing.

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Ground Thawing:

Our multi purpose, environmentally friendly, glycol heaters for ground thawing are safe, and economical. The risk of fire is virtually eliminated because there is no open flame and the units are self contained. Our ground thawing units are portable, and simple to set up and concentrate the heat where you want it, leaving adjacent ground frozen. The ground thawing glycol heaters can be used for a variety of purposes including ground thawing for residential foundations, ground thawing sub grades for concrete, thawing ground for excavation, interior heating, mining and construction projects, as well as concrete curing.

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Temporary Building Heat

Our portable heaters are ideal for temporary building heat. We have multiple sizes of temporary building heaters available and they are extremely fuel efficient.

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Grain Drying

ConleyMax® provides grain drying equipment that is economical and efficient. We provide no fume, flameless grain drying units that have the ability to dry multiple grain bins simultaneously. We come to your location and dry your grain, in your bins, which means your grain will be dry faster and you won’t pay extra grain handling costs. Our grain drying solutions mean less manpower, less time, less handling, and less waste which means, you, the customer will have you grain dry, faster and will pay less.

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Disaster & Flood Recovery

Our patented heat technology at ConleyMax® can dry out your home or business after a flood, within hours. Our drying heaters offer an immediate solution to flood damage in your home that can otherwise cause permanent problems such as mould.

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Special Solutions

  • Headstock concrete curing
  • Elevator shaft concrete curing
  • Bed Bugs