Water Transfer Heat

Because our heaters have a compact design and can fit in limited access areas, they are ideal for water transfer heating. ConleyMax®' heaters can be started or shut down at any time, which saves on fuel costs, and they can heat efficiently even when the flow rate is low, making them a very economical option for water transfer heat. The company can operate the heaters they rent so there are no additional labour costs involved. Our heaters for water transfer have adjustable 6" NPT in/out attachments to satisfy your requirements and have a flow rate of 12 m3/min. If additional exchangers are required, they can be run concurrently.

  • No additional labour costs, water transfer company operates the heaters
  • Design of the units allow heaters to be started or stopped at any time, minimizing fuel costs
  • 6" NPT in/out for water, adaptable to your requirements
  • Max flow rate of m3/min if additional exchangers are required, they can run concurrently
  • Efficient heat transfer even at low flow; heaters automatically adjust to minimize fuel consumption