Air/Glycol Heaters

The most versatile units in the ConleyMax® fleet are part of our patented MC line of flameless air & environmentally friendly glycol heaters. A revolutionary design allows our units to heat using the air output and glycol line simultaneously. These units can be adapted to meet specific needs: providing all air heat, all glycol heat, or any combination of the two. A retractable spool with a minimum of 400' of 1 1/4" glycol hose can be quickly connected to various exchangers to provide heat to tanks, lines, equipment, etc. while moving a minimum of 5,000 CFM.

  • Both air heat and glycol heat
  • Complete variability with one control valve
  • Various heat exchangers available for several applications
Application Include
Air and Glycol Loop Heat
BOP and Rig Tank Heat
400 BBL Tank Insert exchangers
  • Tank Farm Heat
    • 1 Unit / multiple tanks
Pipeline Heating
  • Flow-back Tank Heat
  • Pond Heat
  • BOP Heat
  • Substructure Heat
Ground Thawing
  • Thaw frozen ground for excavation
  • Concrete curing
  • Mining and construction projects

Air Heaters

The ConleyMax® line of air heaters provides a flameless heat that blows fresh, dry, breathable air. Our 350,000, 700,000, 1.2 MM and 1.4MM BTU units safely provide heat to any environment without added fumes, moisture or exhaust in the air stream. Eliminating the risks associated with an open flame allows for ConleyMax® air heaters to be safely used in any number of practical applications in any cold temperature environment. The rate and temperature of the air supplied by our units reduce the drying times for many applications. Our air units are designed to be reliable, extremely efficient and run virtually maintenance free

Applications include
BOP Thawing/Heat, rig floor and derrick heat
Equipment Start Up
Maintenance Shack Heat
Preheating Machinery
Building heat for new construction
Heating for emergency services
Agricultural applications
  • Grain Drying
  • Cranberries
  • Vineyards
Heat for disaster recovery or floods
Elimination of pest infestations, including bed bugs
Heating for industries
  • Airline
  • Rail
  • Shipping

Water/Glycol Heaters

ConleyMax® holds a fleet advantage for our fluid heating work with our patented MW-5000 series units. We incorporate our customers' heating variables (start/end temperatures, volume of fluid, containers, etc.) into our heat/time matrix to create customized solutions. Utilizing our flameless heat advantages we can continue to safely provide heat while other operations occur. We can make on the fly adjustments in response to changing conditions, such as poor weather or project delays.

Application Include
Frac Water Heating
  • Multi-Unit Adaptability
    • Bring on/off-line extra units if needed
    • Maintain temperature with fewer units
  • C-rings / 400 bbl
  • Ponds
Flameless Technology
  • Permits heat while
    • Filling
    • Fracking
Direct Product Heating
Tank Farm Heating
In-Line Heating
  • Water Transfer
Pipeline Heating

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